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  • Demolition ​- We provide a safe removal of all fixtures in your old bathroom. Our team will strip the walls out to bare studs and we will clean and take away the debris from your residence.

  • Electrical  and Plumbing - Our team will come in and assess whether your existing electical and plumbing is up to code. We will ensure that your new bathroom fixtures are safely secured and too code. GFI plugs and hot water safety check valves, switches, lights, plugs, and exhaust  fans are installed by our professionals

  • Drywall / Water Board / Fiber Board  Installations- Our installers will take care of the new wall and shower wall systems. Having the correct wall system and location of fixtures is essential to doing the job correctly.

  • Taping and Painting - Our tapers and painters will make your old bathroom look like the beautiful bathroom that you always wanted. Professional and experienced

  • Ceramic Flooring and Wall Coverings - We select the tile that best suits your needs and we work with you to make sure  you get the best deal from our suppliers.

  • Vanities / Toilets / Tubs / Shower Stalls -  Our suppliers carry various top brand fixtures to suit your needs just ask.  Our team is ready to help you choose the perfect  fixture for your bathroom.

  • Bathroom Accessories We have our team help you select the bathroom accesories that will best fit your bathroom set up. Some soap dispensors are avaliable for inside and outside the shower, toilet paper roll mounts, towel racks, hardware, door fixtures as well.

  • Door  Cabinet and Trim  Installation -  Our skilled tradesmen will install your doors and hardware and they will also install your trim. If  custom cabinets are required we will build and install them as well.

  • Insurance Claims - Call and we'll give an estimate for your insurance company. Water damage, fire mould, just give us a call.and we will help you through the ordeal.